Beach Hotels Zanzibar Tanzania

From the heady fragrance of the spice groves to the restful sight of a dhow’s triangular sails billowing in the wind, the charms of Zanzibar make it one of Africa’s most fascinating islands. The ancient Phoenicians , Assyrians and Greeks all knew this coastline and recognized the strategic importance of Zanzibar for trade. A new civilization developed with the emergence of islam; perisians migrated here in the 10th century and the Island became a crossroad between black Africa and Arabia, one of the cradles of the Swahili culture that still predominates today along the coast of East Africa. Rather than the present or the future, it is the fading memories of the past that fascinates today’s visitors to Zanzibar town. Walking through the streets is like leafing through A Thousand and one nights, with reminders of days gone by looming round every corner. The old town was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 and the tumbledown buildings are gradually being restored. Some of the attractions to visit are people’s palace, Beit el Ajaib, Stone Town.